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Grass-fed Mince Beef – Mix Organs (500gr)


Our mince beef mix with organ meat is a great way to add extra nutrients to your diet with a minimal difference in taste.

You will receive one vacuum sealed pack of Grass-fed mince beef, fat, beef heart and beef liver.

Ingredients :
Meat (ground beef) 72%

Beef Fat 18%

Beef Liver 5%

Beef heart 5


Nutrients in Organ Meats
Organ meats are nutritional powerhouses, rich in:
Protein, important for tissue growth and repair
Iron, important for the transport of oxygen and enzymatic activities
Zinc, important for many enzymatic activities in the body
Vitamin A, important for vision, growth and development
Vitamin B12, important for preventing megaloblastic anemia and demyelination of the central nervous system
Vitamin D, important for bone and immune health
Folate, important for the development of the nervous system


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